Inspirational sources I am so stoned… no longer can walk straight.

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I still don’t know if I am dreaming or not…

I am taking a new drug… ISurf

I am so stoned… no longer can walk straight.

My skin is postmodern, my memory is flash, my blood is lition, my senses are wified,
my eyes are pixelized, my nose have become useless and my body is an avatar.


I see through pixels, I love through interfaces, I need a connection more than any other thing.

Oh, my dog,

oh, my smartphone!

oh, my best friend…

Oh, my God!


The boundaries of perception are shifted, can u feel me? can u concentrate for more than 30 seconds? can u remember me?

I draw my identity, I invent it, I design it,
I became liquid, I am now flexible, I morph, I change…

I am postmodern… but I was born in an analogic environment. Still flying after I took this amazing leap in the dark.

The boundaries of my identity are shifted. I am represented, I no longer weight, I am data.

I can hide behind pixels and words like never before…  I type who I am, I buy who I am.

I still don’t know if I am dreaming or not…

I am an android, and I belong to corporate environments. I lost my freedom, but I feel so powerful. I became telepathic with super powers, I can communicate with people in the distance, I can fly the cities to discover them, I can find things without knowing where they ever have been, not even knowing they existed before…


I act without moving my body.
I am becoming addicted to corporation services, please take my data and make me famous.

My ego is growing, I am bigger than myself, I no longer fit in my body.

I feel the power in my pocket, I am not alone.

I don’t care about your smell if you “I like” me.

I still don’t know if I am dreaming or not…


I’ll pass you my word, lost my passwords…

IAm_Tercera Versio amb imatges i text extens

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